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Upcoming Events

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Terms & Conditions. 


1. Payment link will expire after 12 hours , Please be aware that discussing your booking with us does not secure this. We have a very high number of customers planning events with us and the only way to secure your booking is by purchasing your ticket.


You may add more guests to your booking if needed as long as this does not exceed the maximum limit for our venue and availability for seating. 


Tickets are  non-refundable however in the event we cancel, a full refund will be made.  


2. Please be aware you may be seated with other guests as your ticket covers your seat not the table.


3. Wristbands will be provided upon arrival , please do not remove your wristband at any point while the event is taking place. If you remove your wrist band you may be denied entry. 


4 . All tickets must be printed and provided upon arrival as we do not accept digital copies. 

Coming soon for 2024!

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